It’s been a while!

The past year has been a difficult one for paintings. I’ve been a lot more focused on textile work and burlesque, and finding time to sit down and paint has been getting increasingly hard. When I do, though, I’ve found my style is shifting, becoming more organic and surreal. This is probably due to the amount of weed I have been smoking before painting lately; it’s a welcome change. My biggest issue with my art is its stiffness, its predictability. It’s good to see that breaking a bit.

Here’s a thing I painted last night.



b u r d e n

“A Heart’s a heavy burden…”

Bastian from Grimoire, formerly known as Blackbird.  My mind is just racing all over the place with my old comics as of late…

d e v i l ‘ s d a n c e

A year later, I finally have a new direction for Ether Hallows.  Dis gunna be gud.

No More Dreams

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I started this shortly before my tablet broke last year. It’s been sitting on my hard drive for some time, waiting for me to get a new way to finish it.  I finished it kind of fast, so parts are a little bit more sloppy than I had intended, but really this painting was just to get this scene out of my head.  Ether Hallows is in a sort of limbo right now; I can’t bring myself to break it apart and use it elsewhere, and I can’t bring myself to work on it.  So I am not sure where it is headed; for now, I’ll illustrate stuff from it that I want to see, and see where it leads me.

Aura will always be someone I paint, though; she is one of the louder parts of my subconscious.  A good representation of a lot of what makes me me.  A mary sue, if you will, in my own private fanfiction.  She helps me work through things I have trouble doing on my own, and tends to get a bit abused in the process.  But art of her ends up being cathartic for me, so I think that is a positive step in the right direction.

All grown up…

Zeldyn Rao, my second oldest character, got a redo today in honor of my new tablet arriving.  She has come a long way; at over thirteen years old, she is preceeded only by Ryne, her comrade in arms and love interest.  Part of her update is a race change; which is a big step for me.  I’ve unintentionally whitewashed my characters, and it’s definitely time to put an end to that.  I’d say by our world standards, racially my influence on her now is somewhere between Armenian/Indian.  I did; it feels right.  And now she isn’t the only white girl in the desert, because that always bothered me.

She sure has come a long way, as has my art 😀 happy birthday, Zeldyn!

Joscelin sketch 01

p r o t e c t a n d s e r v e

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Joscelin Verreuil of the Kushiel Legacy Trilogy

I knew I would get him finished eventually; this is one of two paintings of Joscelin sitting on my harddrive.  Finally got this one to the point I felt it could be finished.  I focus really hard on modelling his face the way I saw him in my head; hence the straight on, deadpan look.  It was all about capturing that look that I had for him.  Happily, I think I succeeded.  I’m pretty happy with this one right now ❤

I invented a wardrobe piece of his that was not in the books; the small pendant he’s wearing has been nicknamed Cassiel’s Promise, something the Cassiline Brotherhood gives out to their Priests upon their leaving the monastery.  Or something like that >_>