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Bleached Shirts, again

Both for Sale on Etsy!  Clickies!


Riding Skirt Ensemble

Outfit commission for the ever lovely Karina Koji of *FyreFaeProductions! I don’t take clothing commissions, usually, but this is the second outfit I have made for Karina. Sewing for her is a dream ❤

This is my first victorian riding skirt, and the second corset I have made for her. It’s constructed out of red gradient to black taffeta, with the same fabric pintucked for the front of the corset.

The corset is fully bones, with casings of black velvet. It is hand beaded with silver glass beads. I’ve been using a different kind of casing pattern for my recent corsets which has been very supportive, without using a ton of casings and boning. The shape also gives the illusion of a smaller waist, on top of being tightlaced ❤

The riding skirt was an interesting challenge! I will definitely be making more, now that the pattern makes a bit more sense in my head. It has a panel that can be buttoned across the front to give the appearance of a skirt, or buttoned to the side for the ease of pants! Seeing as I made this outfit for a fetish event, Karina needed ease of movement for time in the dungeon. The design worked like a dream!

Photography by the ever wonderful Aleksei Koji!

New Zeldyn Concepts

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Zeldyn; my second oldest character and my namesake.  Going a very, very different direction with her here, but just trying out something new.  Bit more cartoony-y than my normal stuff, but I try to keep concepts a bit looser.  While the second and third outfit concept are straight Serran, Zeldyn’s home country, in design, the first is a mix of Serran and Ruxvian influence.  I need to do breakdown sheets of common clothing from separate countries and cultures from Rainale.  More from Spectrum coming soon, I promise ❤

Black and Purple Posture Collar

For Sale on Etsy

I’ve always found posture collars, otherwise known as ‘neck corsets’, to be incredibly hot and flattering.  The problem with them is the style I like, really high and well shaped, is incredibly difficult to find.  Why?  Because not many people know how to draft patterns, and even few people know how to draft a pattern for such a strange part of the body as a neck.

For Karina’s Bathory costume, I made my first posture collar.  For this, I drafted my own pattern using the duct tape technique and a little bit of experimenting.  After a few tries, I had a pattern that continued to work well with many kinds of fabric.  It’s very strange looking, but fits very, very well.

This one is constructed out of black textured pleather.  I hand pleated the satin ribbon and made the taffeta ruffle by hand, and the cameo is from Blue Moon; definitely one of my favorite bead and decor makers.  I used cable ties for the boning, which makes a very nice medium weight boning.  This saves you having to order special cuts of spring steel but still gives you awesome structure and rigidity.  I even make my corsets most of the time with cable ties, doubled over in each casing.  Works wonderfully, and is a lot cheaper and easily accessible even in the midwest.

Pink and Brown Burlesque Set

Hey, here are some clothes I made recently to take off on stage ❤

I had my first solo burlesque set this past Saturday with the amazing local sensation Awkward Moment!  It was incredible to get to dance onstage with such a talented band.  I found this awesome white and pink fringe on clearance; I think go about 18 yards for $12.00.  Of course, burlesque set was to happen.  The skirt and sleeves are brown knit, the underbust corset is a brown bridal satin with pink and white polka dot constrast casings.  It’s pretty unheard of for girls to unlace a buskless corset onstage for burlesque, but whatev!  I am hardcore.

Video soon maybe!  I have one of the set, I’m just debating on whether to put it up or not.

Bringing Báthory to Life…

Recently, I joined a performance troupe, Fyrefae Productions.  For a recent show, our main lady Karina wanted to bring the infamous Countess Erzsébey Báthory to life.  For our scene, the Birth of Báthory, should would require a new costume.  I took on the challenge of designing and sewing it.

Here was my original design:

Click for Larger

Some of the items for this I had never made before; a posture collar, a fascinator.  Other items, I had never made so small.  Sewing for others has always been something that intimidates and scares me.  As Karina’s size is quite tiny, it posed an extra challenge for me, as I have always made plus-sized clothing for women, being the giant valkyrie I am.

The corset I used twill, metallic brocade and a textured, shiny pleather for.  I used the same pleather on the posture collar and fascinator.  The construction was quite simple, and everything came out quite well in the end.  Karina was pleased, at the least!

I drafted the pattern for the posture collar myself, and they fit incredibly well.  I plan on making some more to sell, as they are such a strange pattern, having a well fitting one seems to be a good commodity.

Our scene, and the entire performance, went incredibly well.  This is the first time in a very long time I have made an entire outfit, much less for someone else.  But you can be sure that there will be more in the near future.

Also, better pictures of then entire outfit soon; promises!

Bleachwear for Sale!

Just listed some bleachwear up on Etsy.  I plan on making a big post about bleaching here in a few days,  so I’ll just link you for now ❤  Love you, little monsters!