Been working a bit on and off on my project Blackbird; it seems with the death of one comic the others are wanting to be brought to life again!  I suspect I’ll end up using a lot of the world elements from Ether Hallows in Blackbird, which I may rename to Grimoire.  I am not for certain, yet!  We shall see ❤

Horus’s full design; more after the jump…

Horus and Bastian expressions.  Changing up their facial designs a bit to make them more distinctive.

Laine’s full design.

Since Blackbird magically appeared in my head one day, it’s been developing and growing since.  It’s pretty basic; boy falls into Faerie, boy meets Faerie, boy saves the world.  Like most of the stories, the plotline could use some work.  But the characters are interesting at least!  I plan on drawing a lot more from it soon; I have a painting in process of Igea somewhere, and I’ve been meaning to illustrated Dusk and the other High Fae for ages.  Soon, my pretties, sooooon ❤