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Favrielle nó Eglantine of the Kushiel Legacy Series.  Favrielle is an interesting character, as as far as I can tell from the internet, no one else has drawn her yet.  Which, given that she is actually a fairly minor character (she is Phèdre’s clothier from Kushiel’s  Chosen onward), is not surprising.  I do really like her, however, so I thought I would try sketching her.  This is more just the way that I imagined her.  All of my Kushiel drawings are pretty much just my interpretation, though.

One a more technical note, I have been sketching with the same brush I paint with, recently.  It’s made for an interesting effect, and I’m quite fond of the way it feels.  I stupidly had never dabbled with setting opacity to my pen pressure (><;;), but now that I have it’s really made a big difference in how I go about sketching.  However, as my tablet is really old and my pen is in bad, bad shape, it also brings to light the pressure sensitivity issues I’ve had since I found it.  I will probably be holding a commission drive for a new tablet here very soon, so as to get around this issues.

On that note, omgwtfbbq wireless Intuos!!?!