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I’ve always found posture collars, otherwise known as ‘neck corsets’, to be incredibly hot and flattering.  The problem with them is the style I like, really high and well shaped, is incredibly difficult to find.  Why?  Because not many people know how to draft patterns, and even few people know how to draft a pattern for such a strange part of the body as a neck.

For Karina’s Bathory costume, I made my first posture collar.  For this, I drafted my own pattern using the duct tape technique and a little bit of experimenting.  After a few tries, I had a pattern that continued to work well with many kinds of fabric.  It’s very strange looking, but fits very, very well.

This one is constructed out of black textured pleather.  I hand pleated the satin ribbon and made the taffeta ruffle by hand, and the cameo is from Blue Moon; definitely one of my favorite bead and decor makers.  I used cable ties for the boning, which makes a very nice medium weight boning.  This saves you having to order special cuts of spring steel but still gives you awesome structure and rigidity.  I even make my corsets most of the time with cable ties, doubled over in each casing.  Works wonderfully, and is a lot cheaper and easily accessible even in the midwest.