Recently, I joined a performance troupe, Fyrefae Productions.  For a recent show, our main lady Karina wanted to bring the infamous Countess Erzsébey Báthory to life.  For our scene, the Birth of Báthory, should would require a new costume.  I took on the challenge of designing and sewing it.

Here was my original design:

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Some of the items for this I had never made before; a posture collar, a fascinator.  Other items, I had never made so small.  Sewing for others has always been something that intimidates and scares me.  As Karina’s size is quite tiny, it posed an extra challenge for me, as I have always made plus-sized clothing for women, being the giant valkyrie I am.

The corset I used twill, metallic brocade and a textured, shiny pleather for.  I used the same pleather on the posture collar and fascinator.  The construction was quite simple, and everything came out quite well in the end.  Karina was pleased, at the least!

I drafted the pattern for the posture collar myself, and they fit incredibly well.  I plan on making some more to sell, as they are such a strange pattern, having a well fitting one seems to be a good commodity.

Our scene, and the entire performance, went incredibly well.  This is the first time in a very long time I have made an entire outfit, much less for someone else.  But you can be sure that there will be more in the near future.

Also, better pictures of then entire outfit soon; promises!