I know I have been pretty terrible about updating lately. Mostly, because life has been getting in the way! I’ve been busy with making things, doing burlesque with a troupe I joined, helping local bands with their stage personae, and the like! Z is in full swing, ladies and gentlefolk. And that unfortunately doesn’t leave much time for LJLand. But I will be making a big post soon about how my life has been going. For now; HATS.

I am having a big hat sale! It’s been going on this whole weekend, but I never thought to post here! Sorries! Today is the last day, but until midnight you can get the mini-top hats left in my Etsy Store for $10 OFF!

I’ve got two hats left! 😀 Grab them while they are available! At midnight central US time they go back to full price, so snatch them soon!

I also have a lot of other stuff up on the store, so make sure to check it out 😀 Even got some original art for sale!

Cheers, y’all! More soon, I promise ❤