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Ah, 2009; yours was a year that was needed.  After having a terrible year previous, I needed 2009 to be good.  It saw me getting back on my feet, my mother staying out of the hospital (mostly), and a new, successful job for the love of my life.  Thankfully, amongst these other wonderful things, it was also a great year for art.  I like doing things like this because a year seems like a long time, but it really isn’t.  I see pieces up here, and I think “Wow, I really did that back in March?  It was that long ago?”  Improvement is visible.  For this, I am happy, and proud.

2009 was the digital year.  It was the year I got serious about painting digitally.  I watched countless tutorials and speed paints, read all the books I could find on digital painted (which, sadly, wasn’t that many), and learned.  I started making my own brushes, started inventing my own techniques, and started another comic (that didn’t go very far, but hey, I’m getting back to it).  I had more commissions than I had ever had before, with a lot of very happy customers.  My art started getting recognized this year.  I did work for local places for the first time, in 2009.

I made clothes, made hats, made friends.  I turned 22 with a tablet pen in hand.  I gained weight, I gained knowledge, I gained skill.

2009, you are worth remembering ❤