This is going to sound incredibly vain and concieted, because it is; I rarely find people who are as awesome as me.  As a bunch of awesome people yourself, you can understand!  Most people are lame douches who are content to be good at nothing their entire lives.


Megan Bishop is as cool as me.  She’s cooler, in fact; she’s my sister from another mister.

In small cities in Missouri, you rarely meet other people with synthetic dread extensions.  I spotted her across the club while I was being hit on by various drag queens (you think I’m kidding), I knew I had to go talk to her.  When she said she had made her glorious curly dreads herself, I knew it was love meant to be XD  I didn’t get to talk to her very long that night, because I was pretty damn drunk and it was already almost last call.  And I didn’t really know who she was; I just thought she was an awesome pants with nice dreads.  So we said hi and took pictures of each other, as is customary, and went out separate ways.  She said her name was Megan; I promptly forgot that.

Through various friends on Facebook, later in the week, I came to find out her name again; Megan Bishop.  It actually, vaguely, sounded familiar.  Then I checked out her site,…

Megan Bishop is a fashion designer and milliner.  She recently graduated from MCAD with a degree in illustration, and had been featured in the american printing of Gothic and Lolita Bible.  She firmly believes in deconstructed decadence.  Sound familiar?  Oh yeah.  If you like me, at all, you will love Megan Bishop.

So pay attention to her.  She recently moved to Seattle (I don’t know what she was doing back in Columbia, I’m guessing holiday visiting), so you peeps up there keep your eye out for her.  She’s going to be a big deal, very soon I’m guessing.  And she’s so very much like me, how can you not love her 😛