Joscelin Verreuil of the Kushiel Legacy Series by Jacqueline Carey ❤

I’ve always loved painting beautiful men, but drawing beautiful men from books is the best.  I prefer doing fanart from books because books leave so much up to interpretation.  The fanart for any particular series is so diverse, and reflects a lot on the personality of the artist; more so than fanart from anime or video games.    I love seeing different interpretations of characters from books.  Out of the Kushiel Legacy Series, Joscelin is the character who seems to be the most reflexively static.  I’ve always had a very set look for him in my head, and coincides with what most artists draw for him.  Because of that, I tried to focus on the details of his looks, as well as leaning towards more realism.  While I have set actors for most characters from the Kushiel series, I haven’t found a good reference for Joscelin yet.  I think I captured him here, though ❤