A Leopard Among Wolves

Joscelin Verreuil, second son and hero of the land. I decided white lilies would be appropriate for him.

I always draw him so angry. I think he is a little bit more at peace here. I aimed for trying to highlight his bone structure, and yes gawd, I think I did.


Queen of Courtesans



I used to use this sort of shading style when my tablet broke a few years back. As mine has kicked the proverbial bucket, this style is back. I forgot how much I like the effect. This sort of ended up with an Audrey Kawasaki swing. I may continue in this style and do portraits of some of the other characters.

Lady in Red

For one reason or another this sketch of Phedre as Mara never wound up on my artblog. Apologies for that! This is indeed my work ❤ I have plans to make this dress a reality before the year is out, although my sketch doesn’t betray any of the design or details I am going for.



Skillset, sketch


I don’t draw you two together enough. Phedre and Joscelin ❤

Phedre, sketch


My break from drawing has been really beneficial! Very happy with nailing down phedre’s look after all these years.

Experimenting heavily with d’angeline fashion. I adore slit sleeves.



I’ve never drawn Hyacinthe before! I think I’ll definitely be doing more art of him soon. He’s very delightful to sketch ❤